Fire Extinguishing / Detection Equipment & Systems


As per guidelines provided by the IMO and Flag State Administrations, fire protection systems and appliances should be serviced examined, and tested periodically by an authorized facility acceptable by the ship’s Classification Society. It is imperative to ensure fire safety equipment are available for immediate use while the ship or offshore installation is in service, such us Fixed CO2, Foam, DCP, Water Mist, Sprinkler, Wet Chemical Galley Systems, Portable & Non-Portable Extinguishers, Foam Applicators


  • Nitrogen Refilling
    Our technician using the machine to punch nitrogen in a stored pressure type fire extinguisher after its inspection and hydro test.
  • CO2 Refilling
    Our technician refilling and weighing a CO2 type fire extinguisher after service is completed.
  • Hydrotesting
    Our Hydro pump and stand enables our technicians to hydrotest multiple extinguishers simultaneously, thus saving time in completing the service procedure
  • Dry Powder Refilling
    Technician using our refilling machine to refill powder in the extinguisher. The machine has an in built filter that removes impurities from the powder before it is inserted into the extinguisher cylinder.



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